Designed For Researchers, Not Programmers

Every experiment builder we know of relies on scripting or programming. Except SuperLab — since 1991. SuperLab also delivers cross-platform freedom: a license allows you to run it on either Mac or Windows.

Stimulus Types

Some file types may be supported on only one platform, but all features work on either Mac or Windows version.

Picture Files
Most file formats are supported.


Kanji, Mandarin, or English, SuperLab displays it all.

Play one or several movies at the same time.


Sound Files
Play sounds per trial or throughout experiment.

Rapid Serial Visual Presentation of text has never been easier.


Digital Output
Analyze EEG/ERP data better by sending event codes via StimTracker or I/O card.

Self-Paced Reading
Break text into segments and let SuperLab present one segment at a time.


Serial Output
Send control data to any device with a serial port.

Lots of Other Features


In addition to trial randomization, SuperLab can vary:

  • Position of visual stimuli

  • Color of text

  • Exposure time or participant response’s time limit

Use any stimulus type as feedback, based on correctness of participant's response or reaction time.


Repeat trials until a condition is met. Memory and learning experiments have never been easier to build.

No programming. Point and click with your mouse to create if/then/else flow.

Go/No-Go Experiments
Built-in option for when participants should not respond.


Participant Groups
Present only specific blocks of trials or use the same random sequence on per group basis.

Stimulus lists
Simplify creation of experiments by using stimulus lists for pictures, movies, sounds, or text.

Experiment Packaging
Save your experiment and all stimuli files in a single, compressed file.


Extensive Hardware Support





RB Series
Desktop Response Pads

fMRI Response Pads

Voice Key


Use to record single key presses (and releases) or entire sentences.

Mouse or Touch Screen
Define response areas on the screen.

Mac only. Use the built-in mic jack as voice key.

Measurement Computing Windows only. Use an I/O card or USB-based device to accept digital input.

PST Serial Response Box
Use your existing PST SRB with SuperLab.


Ready interface to EEG and eye trackers.

Cedrus Response Device
All Cedrus response devices (RB Series, Lumina, and SV-1) support up to 6 output lines.

National Instruments and
Measurement Computing
Use to send event markers or control external lab equipment.

More Information

Whether new to SuperLab or upgrading from version 4 or 4.5, the New Features page provides more details and screen snapshots.


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